Sam & Rosie || baby items 


“I think so,” Rosie said, smiling as she surveyed all their new belongings. “Why don’t we go back downstairs and you can ask your brothers about helping with the furniture tomorrow.” She turned to him and smile. “Then we can go home. I must say, I think I need a rest. We’ve done quite a lot today.”

"That’s a fine idea, Rose-love. And you do need your rest." He pondered for a moment. "Why don’t you come downstairs with me and we’ll head on home now so you can get some shut eye? I’ll be asking Mr. Frodo if he’d be alright with me bringing all these boxes and things in so soon, and if he gives the go-ahead I’ll be back to fetch our things and talk to my brothers." He wrapped an arm around her and squeezed her close.